The portfolio covers the complete spectrum of our customers' needs, from micro drives used in machine building to industrial drives used to control processing lines. We also offer the most advanced soft starter in the range with almost all imaginable functionality included. All the advanced protections for the motor, the soft starter and the load ensure a trouble free operation.

DC drives continue to be an attractive alternative for machine suppliers. The modern DC converters is easy to operate, compact and low in maintenance. DC Drives can be used in most industrial applications as well as for the modernization of old plants. We offers the complete portfolio of three-phase DC drives - from 0.015 kW (1/50 Hp) up to 18 MW (24,000 Hp).

A wide selection of high performance AC and DC Servo Drives. Whether your needs call for control of speed or torque, preset point-to-point moves, or a fully Mint® programmable single axis positioner/drive, Baldor has the answer with our wide range of servo drives.